Life Income Gifts

Peter Trent '54“I am grateful for the education I received, and this is a form of saying ‘thank you.’”

-- Peter Trent ’54

Through trusts, annuities, and other vehicles, you can receive payments for life—and the satisfaction that Princeton, too, will benefit.

Charitable Remainder Trust

Stocks, real estate, or other assets form the basis of a trust that is managed by Princeton and gives the donor, or anyone the donor designates, quarterly payments for life or a set period. The payment can be fixed or variable, and Princeton receives the balance -- the “charitable remainder” -- when the trust closes.

Charitable Gift Annuity

This kind of annuity offers secure payments free from market risk for up to two individuals age 65 or older (deferred gift annuities available starting at age 55). Rates, which are determined by the recipient’s age, are fixed when the gift is given, and range from 4.7% to 9.0% of the gift amount.

Pooled Income Fund

These investment funds pool contributions from a number of donors, who, every quarter, receive their share of the income earned. Princeton offers two funds: the Income Fund, invested for current income, and the Tiger Fund, invested for long-term growth.

Mid-Year Report

We are pleased to provide an interim report on the investment performance of Princeton’s charitable trusts and pooled income funds. This report was developed to provide a timely update in addition to the annual reports. We expect that future reports and communications will evolve and we welcome your feedback and suggestions on ways to improve our communications.

See the PDF iconMid-Year Report for the Charitable Trusts & Pooled Income Funds Portfolio

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