Pooled Income Funds

Albert P. Delacorte '35

Albert P. Delacorte ’35 helped endow scholarships for minority students through Princeton’s pooled income fund.

Princeton’s pooled income funds invest contributions from a number of donors and make lifetime, quarterly payments to beneficiaries based on their share of the income earned by the fund. Donors may designate up to two beneficiaries -- spouses, for example, or children and grandchildren -- and Princeton eventually receives the remaining share.

Joining a pooled fund requires a minimum gift of $25,000. After that, donors may add $1,000 or more as often as they wish.


  • Provides lifetime income to yourself and/or another beneficiary.
  • You can donate your highly appreciated securities without incurring capital gains tax.
  • Assets contributed are removed from your taxable estate, unless beneficiaries other than you and your spouse are involved.

Princeton offers two pooled income funds for new donors, each with a separate investment goal.

  • Income Fund: Invests primarily in bonds. Objective is to provide high current income. 
  • Tiger Fund: Invests primarily in stocks. Objective is to provide long-term growth in unit value resulting in higher income over the long term.

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