An Intellectual Infusion

July 20th, 2016 / Development Com...

PhD graduates

“Graduate students are, of course, fundamental to Princeton’s mission as a liberal arts college and a world-class research institution. They are dedicated teachers and mentors to undergraduates and invaluable partners to faculty in creating new knowledge. They are an important source of fresh intellectual energy, and they are destined to become the next generation of leaders in their disciplines.”

—President Christopher L. Eisgruber ’83

For more than 100 years Princeton’s Graduate School has attracted the world’s most promising young scholars. They work in labs, in libraries, in the field, and in classrooms, infusing the campus with fresh ideas and helping to drive discovery. 

These graduate students collaborate with the University’s faculty members, produce original scholarship, and teach and mentor undergraduates, in preparation for leadership roles in academia, industry, and government. 

Providing a Financial Foundation

Princeton offers five years of comprehensive support for graduate students in the humanities and social sciences, and fully funds the first year of graduate study in science and engineering. For scientists and engineers, subsequent years are typically funded by outside grants. 

Grad student in scienceWhile generous donors have created graduate fellowships to fund our students, the existing endowments cover only about one-third of total graduate school support at Princeton. Your support will help ensure that the University continues to be the choice of the world’s most gifted emerging scholars in all disciplines.

An Intellectual Symbiosis

The presence of high-caliber graduate students helps the University recruit stellar faculty members who want to work with exceptional early-career scholars. These faculty members, in turn, attract more outstanding undergraduate and graduate students. This intellectual symbiosis has made Princeton one of the premier research universities in the world. 

The relatively small size of Princeton’s highly ranked graduate programs creates a supportive community of scholars. Students conduct their research under the expert guidance of some of the world’s most accomplished professors, with financial support that allows them to focus on their studies and take advantage of Princeton’s unparalleled academic environment.

Today's Researchers, Tomorrow's Leaders

Princeton’s academic “ecosystem” depends on brilliant graduate students who will become tomorrow’s leaders whether in the sciences, engineering, social sciences, or the humanities. Your gift to establish a graduate fellowship will help draw top scholars to the Graduate School and advance Princeton’s teaching and research mission.

For more information on supporting graduate fellowships at Princeton, contact Charles Rippin ’61, senior associate director of leadership gifts, at or 609.258.5613.