Music Theater Program Combines Collaboration and Creativity

October 4th, 2016 / University Comm...

A needle peeks through the thick fabric as trim is sewn onto a costume. A tap shoe clicks its energetic, syncopated rhythm on the stage floor. A soprano's voice wends its way through the air with heartbreaking melody. Bodies leap and bound, then gently connect and dissipate. And anyone in the rehearsal room can ask, "What if? …"

This is music theater in the making.

"'Why music theater?' is the question we asked ourselves as soon as we wanted to start this program at Princeton," said Stacy Wolf, director of Princeton's new Program in Music Theater and a professor of theater in the Lewis Center for the Arts. "We are excited that we can have this kind of expansive vision in a place [that is] small [and] very undergraduate-focused. We're completely collaborative in everything we do."

Starting this fall, the program, established in collaboration with the Program in Theaterthe Program in Dance and the Department of Music, will support and develop students' engagement with music theater as both an artistic practice and a field of scholarly study. In addition to their major, students can earn a certificate in music theater, culminating in a senior thesis project, or they can just take one class or more. In this video, Wolf and students reveal the many facets of the new program, including close access to faculty and the process of creating new work.

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