Susan Burks Brennan ’89, Co-Class Agent

Susie Brennan is a fifth grade teacher at Chapin School in Princeton. “From time to time,” she says, “people have asked me why I went to Princeton ‘just’ to become an elementary school teacher. What better place to go to become anything?” Princeton, she says, “gave me confidence to pursue my dream of becoming a teacher and the education and skills I needed to do so.”

Robert E. Nahas ’66, Class Agent

“Princeton gave me so much,” says Bob Nahas, “above all, the ability to think critically.” He “learned so much in a variety of areas. Every day I am grateful for the broad education I received.” He also cherishes “the friendships I made, and connection with so many Princetonians.” That connection has expanded through his work as class agent.

Kevin R. Smith *12, Annual Giving Volunteer

Kentucky native Kevin Smith is driven to “help the people of Appalachia in any way I can.” So why does he volunteer for Princeton? “It’s an easy answer,” he says. “The experience I had at the Woodrow Wilson School, the contact with the faculty, the wide interests of the students, has made my current work possible.”

Robert H. Gleason ’87, Annual Giving Volunteer

When Robert Gleason reflects on what Princeton means to him, he focuses on “the concept of continuity. We honor Princetonians who came before, and work to make an even better experience for the students of the future.” He appreciates “the huge strides the University has made to welcome, accept, and celebrate LGBT students, and all kinds of students. That makes me want to double down on my volunteer commitment.”

Marina Murvanidze Mitchell *98: Annual Giving Volunteer

Marina Mitchell, chair of Annual Giving for the Graduate School, came to Princeton from the Republic of Georgia to pursue a master’s degree at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. “I am from a country where family and friends are extremely important,” she says. “You live among a close group of people who really care about one another. When I came here from Georgia, that is what Princeton gave me. That, and a superb education. Now I’m trying to give back to Princeton.”

John P. Rustum ’87, Co-Class Agent

John Rustum was the first person in his family to attend college, thanks, he says, to the hard work of his parents and the financial assistance Princeton provided. He feels “a special debt of gratitude to the Princetonians who came before me, whose generosity to the University made my education possible.” As a longtime Annual Giving volunteer, special gifts co-chair, and now co-class agent, he aims “to do for future students what other alumni did for me.”


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