Experts Advise on Digital Smarts

November 17th, 2015 / Susan Fou

Reunions Seminar 2015

Our photographs are stored in “the cloud” instead of shoeboxes. Many of us have several e-mail accounts. We may use bitcoin for online shopping. How can we keep these digital assets secure for ourselves and our heirs?

Three experts—Edward W. Felten, center, Princeton’s Robert E. Kahn Professor of Computer Science and Public Affairs and the deputy chief technology officer at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy; and nationally recognized trust and estate attorneys T. Randolph (Randy) Harris ’72, right, and Jennifer Jordan McCall ’78—offered these “action steps” at the Office of Gift Planning 2015 Reunions program, “Your Online Legacy: Estate Planning in the Digital Age.”

  • Inventory your digital assets: e-mail; online bank, brokerage, and shopping accounts; social media accounts; e-books; digital photos, music, and videos; bitcoin; domain names; websites, etc. and examine the terms and conditions of the providers.

  • Collect usernames, passwords, and security information, and store the list securely in a safe-deposit box. Share the information’s location with a family member, advisor, or trusted friend.
  • Contact your estate planning attorney to discuss management and transfer of your digital assets.

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