Trust-Worthy: Gifts Assist Scholars

April 2nd, 2015 / Gift Planning

As they hauled their gear to Rockefeller and Mathey colleges on scorchingly hot days last fall, Luis Gonzalez-Yante ’18 and Bo-Ryehn Chung ’18 harbored questions scores of Princetonians have pondered: Will I fit in? Can I handle the academics?

Now deep into their freshman year, the answers are yes and yes. Gonzalez-Yante, of Detroit, Michigan, tackles physics homework and signed up with a cadre of friends for a 24-hour film competition. Chung, from Auckland, New Zealand, is mastering physics with help from her advisee group—and extends a lifeline to others who need it in chemistry.

Luis Gonzalez-Yante ’18 and Bo-Ryehn Chung ’18

Both are the first recipients of scholarships created through charitable remainder trusts. Gonzalez-Yante, an aspiring engineer, benefits from Frank Sagendorph III ’31’s life income gift, while Chung, who is considering a major in chemical and biological engineering or neuroscience, receives financial aid through the generosity of Robert Chamberlin ’57.

If she could, Chung says, she would turn to her benefactor for advice. “I’d ask him which aspects of Princeton he’d never forget,” she says, “and the reasons he chose to give back.” Both students say they are awed by the opportunity alumni they will never meet gave to them. Adds Chung: “If I had the chance, I would say thank you over and over.”