Real Estate Gifts

Ray Close '51 *64“I believe that this is the most important legacy we as graduates can pass on to future generations of Princetonians.”

-- Ray Close ’51 *64, with wife Martha

Giving a gift of real estate, such as a personal home, vacation home, undeveloped property, or a farm, can be a highly effective philanthropic and financial strategy.

Each of the following gift arrangements has distinct tax benefits that our staff members would be happy to discuss with you:

  • Your property can fund a trust that will make payments back to you or someone you name.
  • You can make an outright gift of real estate, which can be fund a professorship, endow a scholarship, or support a particular initiative.
  • If you are planning to sell your real estate, you can transfer ownership of an interest in the property to Princeton; following the sale, the University will receive its share of the proceeds.
  • You can make a gift through a retained life estate, under which you give Princeton your home, but retain the right to live in it for the rest of your life. You also receive a current income tax deduction for such an arrangement.
  •  The property that you contribute is removed from your taxable estate.

Find Out More

  • To discuss the tax and other benefits of making a gift of real estate, contact the Office of Gift Planning at 609.258.6318 or e-mail

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