Trusted Financial Management

A committee with representation by key offices of the University sets the investment allocation formula for charitable trusts, pooled income funds and gift annuities, and selects and evaluates external specialists to handle day-to-day investment decisions.

The standard asset allocation for the trust program is a growth strategy, a strategy that we believe best balances the interests of current income beneficiaries and charitable remainder beneficiaries of the trusts. The committee will consider the individual circumstances of the income and remainder beneficiaries in determining whether the trust may be invested in an alternative portfolio. The factors considered in determining the appropriate portfolio strategy include trust term, the beneficiary’s overall risk profile, dependence on income, and sensitivity to income volatility and related factors. Of course, investment performance is not guaranteed. For example, trust values may decline, resulting in lower payments for unitrust beneficiaries.

Performance of Life Income Portfolios

Taking the First Step

Princeton's professional gift planning staff can walk you through each step of the gift process, explain the administrative details, and help with paperwork. If you are considering making a gift, we recommend that you first consult with your financial and legal advisors. The Office of Gift Planning can provide you with sample language for allocating your gift. The University has standard templates for trusts and gift annuities that it trustees and administers.

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