Economics Major Funds Young Life Scientists

July 31st, 2010 / Gift Planning

McKinney Fellow Samuel J. Gershman

Though Walker McKinney ’50 majored in economics, he loved the life sciences and made several outright gifts to Princeton in these areas. Like Holmes, he also established a charitable remainder trust.

Upon his death in 2000, the trust and his previous endowment, as well as funds from a supporting organization in his name, were combined to create the Walker McKinney ’50 Life Sciences Fellowship.

Today the income from this endowment fund provides fellowships for graduate students who conduct research in the life sciences, such as molecular biology, chemistry, neuroscience, and in the Institute for Integrative Genomics.

The fund has supported 20 graduate students since it was created: seven in neuroscience, eight in molecular biology, and five in chemistry. In 2009 fellowships were awarded to Holly A. Cardoso in molecular biology, for her work on protein secretion in E. coli; David A. Siler in chemistry, whose research focuses on synthesizing an anti-cancer compound; and Samuel J. Gershman, in the Princeton Neuroscience Institute, who studies human memory.

Walker McKinney ’50, from Muskegon, Michigan, was president of the McKinney Corp., a real estate company and the son of J. Donald McKinney ’21 P50.

During his lifetime McKinney received payments from the charitable remainder trust he set up with the University. Now his generosity will continue to benefit generations of Princetonians.