Herb Hobler ’44 Marshals Resources Wisely

March 26th, 2013 / Gift Planning

Herb Hobler '44Herb Hobler ’44 has donned a Da Vinci hat to marshal 61 P-rades. Perhaps even more impressive is his P-rade attendance record -- he’s marched in nearly every one since 1946.

One of the most memorable was the Class of 1944’s 65th Reunion, when Hobler served as class president and reunion chair. A record turnout saluted the 22 Princetonians from ’44 who never returned home from World War II. Marchers carried oversize black-and-white placards of their late classmates’ Freshman Herald photos and were met with cheers and tears from those lining the route. Hobler eulogized each classmate during the day’s memorial service. Remembrance is important to Hobler. It led him to create two charitable remainder unitrusts at the University.

65th Reunion P-rade

“I want my name remembered at Princeton, which I strongly support with a belief and faith carried on by an annual gift,” he said. Hobler’s trusts will benefit the University through gifts to his class’s Annual Giving Endowment; the Hobler Family Scholarship, established by his mother, Mrs. Atherton Hobler; and to other priorities important to him. They will also provide income for his wife, Randy Hobler, and children.

There was a practical side to Hobler’s gift as well. “Moving to a trust increased my income from stock investments,” he said. “I didn’t feel I could give an outright gift monetarily at my age. But I knew these trusts would appreciate over the years. It’s a wonderful way to give back to Princeton.”