R. Gordon Douglas Jr. ’55: Gift of Real Estate

October 1st, 2009 / Gift Planning

Gordon Douglas gave Princeton a house in Connecticut, near where he lives with his wife, Sheila Mahoney. “When I did the math,” he said, “this came out well for me. It ensured income for us, as well as allowing us to make a substantial gift to Princeton—a classic win-win situation.”

A doctor, Douglas specialized in infectious diseases during a distinguished career that included teaching, research, and administrative positions, as well as clinical medicine. He was founding president of Merck’s Vaccine Division before his retirement.

Douglas currently works with biotech companies and the Gates Foundation on vaccines for both the developed world and developing countries. A longtime member of his class’s Project 55, in the 1990s he was a leader of its Tuberculosis Initiative to mobilize concern about the worldwide ravages of TB.

Now he and his wife co-direct Project 55’s Food Project to promote sustainable agriculture. They are also active members of his class, which he served as president from its 50th to 55th reunion, and Douglas loyally contributes to Annual Giving.

“I give to Princeton because it stands for quality,” he said. “I know that when I make a contribution it will be well managed and support what I believe in.”

Though his trust is not yet allocated, Douglas says it will be directed toward some aspect of health.