Samantha A. Lynch ’06, AG Volunteer

May 23rd, 2016 / Annual Giving

Samantha Lynch“I will never forget my four years at Princeton,” says Samantha Lynch. “That’s when I grew up. Princeton will always be a large part of who I am.” The University’s focus on its undergraduates, she says, makes her “eternally grateful for what the University offered me, intellectually and socially.”

A participation solicitor for the Class of 2006, Lynch is “anxious to give back to Princeton, and help current and future students any way I can.” Annual Giving, she believes, is the best way an individual can help. And, she says, “As an AG volunteer, I always feel like I’m working with a team.”

At Princeton she majored in the Woodrow Wilson School, and earned a certificate in finance, while enjoying “many classes outside my major, especially those in art history.” She was also an undergraduate fellow in the James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions.

She now works for Compass, a technology-driven real estate platform in Manhattan, where she does corporate development and strategic finance. A graduate of Harvard Business School, she has also worked in venture capital and consulting for Activate, which develops digital strategies for media, entertainment, and technology businesses. She thrives on new ideas, and in her chosen field, she notes, “things change minute by minute.”

Lynch is an enthusiastic New Yorker, and―“inspired by my Princeton art courses”―a frequent visitor to the city’s museums and galleries. She belongs to a women’s book group, and is a member of the HBS Alumni Angels, a small investment group of business school friends. To keep in shape―“Well, to get in shape”―it’s boxing, which she describes as “truly a full-body workout. You are so focused on form, coordination, and movement that you don’t realize you are working out. It feels more like mastering a dance routine.”