Thomas A. Dippel ’93, Co-Class Agent

April 28th, 2015 / Annual Giving

Tom Dippel finds that classmates share “a strong commitment to giving back to the University, and particular support for Princeton’s financial aid policy. That’s what drives our efforts for Annual Giving.” And, he admits, there is a spirit of friendly competition with other classes that inspires AG solicitation. He is hoping to “break all records for attendance and for AG in 2018 when we have our 25th Reunion.”

A former member of the Annual Giving Committee and former special gifts co-chair, Dippel stresses the importance of having “a team of AG volunteers that is truly reflective of the class” in order to reach out to classmates who had similar majors, were in singing or performance groups, on sports teams, in eating clubs, or involved in any of the many activities and interests of Princeton undergraduates. “We want to create a network and keep it vital.”

The youngest of five children, he grew up coming to Princeton Reunions with his father, William A. Dippel ’50 *55—an enthusiastic alumnus who has been ’50’s class agent since 1996. Not all the Dippels went to Princeton, but happily, Tom and his sister, Pamela Dippel Choney ’78, share not only an alma mater but also the same Reunions schedule. This year, the entire family will be celebrating with Bill Dippel at his 65th Reunion.

From left: Jeff Choney, Bill (William A.) Dippel ’50, Jeddie Dippel Shaw, Tom Dippel ’93, Bill (William B.) Dippel, and Pam Dippel Choney ’78 at the elder Bill’s 60th Reunion

At Princeton, Dippel majored in politics and lettered in sprint football “on the 1989 championship team.” He also headed the Student Beer Mug Agency for two years because he “wanted to do something entrepreneurial.” The agency sold mostly, though not entirely, to undergraduates, and produced a special design for Dippel’s Cottage clubmates. In any case, he says, “You can never have too much orange and black in your life.”

An investment banker for his entire professional career, he is a managing director at Houlihan Lokey in New York City. He is especially interested in mergers and acquisitions, private equity, and hedge funds. He enjoys “working with a wide range of international clients on their investment strategies.”

Dippel lives in Westport, Connecticut, with his wife, Anne Nolte Dippel, and their young daughter, Ava.