Annual Scholarships

Association of Black Princeton Alumni Scholarship.
Supported by annual gifts from the Association of Black Princeton Alumni since 1972.

Bershadsky Family Scholarship in Science or Engineering.
Established in 2015 by Dr. Michael Bershadsky *91  and his wife Victoria Bershadsky to support undergraduates in science or engineering.

Davis United World Colleges Scholars Program.
Established in 2000 by Shelby M. C. Davis, Class of 1958, to fund graduates of United World Colleges around the world.

Christian and Teresa M. Dingler Foundation Scholarship.
Initiated in 1985 as part of A Campaign for Princeton by annual gifts from the Christian and Teresa M. Dingler Foundation in support of students from Essex County, New Jersey.

Howard Hunt Garmany Memorial Scholarships.
Supported since 1956 by the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving through the bequest of Howard Hunt Garmany, Class of 1883.

Kenneth W. Gemmill Scholarship.
Supported since 1968 by the Warwick Foundation.

John I. Hartman, Class of 1914, Memorial Scholarship.
Supported since 1983 by annual gifts from the Warwick Foundation.

JBL Scholarships.
Supported since 1963 by The John B. Lynch Scholarship Foundation, created by John B. Lynch, Class of 1913. For students from Canada. Special application forms are available in the Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid.

Norman A. Kurland ’59 Scholarship.
Established in 1998 by Norman A. Kurland, Class of 1959.

Mannion Scholarship.
Established in 2012 during the Aspire Campaign and supported annually by Martin J. Mannion, Class of 1981.

Robert Randolph Meyer, Jr. Memorial Scholarship.
Founded in 1953 by John Edward Meyer, Class of 1939, in memory of his brother and supported annually by the Princeton Alumni Association of Alabama.

Albert G. Milbank Memorial Scholarship.
Supported since 1951 by an anonymous foundation, a charitable organization founded by Mr. Milbank and administered by members of the Milbank family.

Nehr Memorial Scholarships.
Supported since 1976 by the gifts of Raoul H. Nehr, Class of 1936, and Mrs. Nehr to benefit foreign students.

Harold T. Shapiro *64 Scholarship. 
Established in 2007 during the Aspire Campaign by Bradley N. Currey, Jr. in recognition of President Emeritus Shapiro's distinguished leadership of Princeton from 1988 to 2001.

Sandra W. and John H.T. Wilson, Class of 1956, Scholarship Fund.
Established in 2011 during the Aspire Campaign by Sandra W. Wilson W56 to Provide Fifteen years of term support to undergraduates from New York, NY and Fairfield County, CT.

Annual Class Scholarships

Class of 1966 Scholarship.
Supported since its tenth anniversary in 1976 by annual gifts of the class.

Class of 1971 Scholarship.
Supported since 1986 by annual contributions from the Class of 1971 Foundation.

Class of 1988 Memorial Scholarship.
Supported since 1990 by annual contributions from the Class of 1988 in memory of Sam Mitra, and renamed in 1999 to honor all deceased classmates.

Annual Regional Scholarships

Princeton Alumni Association of Nantucket Island Scholarship.
Supported annually by this association.

Princeton Association of New England Scholarships.
Supported since 1950 by annual gifts from members of this group.

Princeton Club of New York Scholarship.
Supported annually by the club since 1950.

Princeton Club of New York/Robert F. and Margaret S. Goheen Scholarship.
Supported since 1972 by members of the Princeton Club of New York in honor of Robert F. Goheen, Class of 1940, sixteenth President of Princeton, and Margaret S. Goheen.

Princeton Club of New York/Dan Sachs Scholarship.
Funded by the annual gifts of this club in memory of Dan Sachs, Class of 1960.

Princeton Club of New York/Sumner Rulon-Miller, Jr., ’36 Memorial Scholarship.
Supported since 1986 by the annual contributions of members of the club in memory of Sumner Rulon-Miller, Jr. ’36, former President of the Princeton Club of New York and Class Vice President.

Princeton Club of Philadelphia-Laurence H. “Laddie” Sanford, Class of 1945, Scholarship.
Supported annually by gifts from this club in memory of Laurence H. “Laddie” Sanford, Jr. ’45.