The Impact of Annual Giving

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Alumni contributions to Annual Giving build the foundation of excellence that allows innovation, discovery, and creativity to thrive at Princeton.

Meet current students and alumni who have experienced the excellence that Princeton has to offer, from outstanding instruction in classrooms, laboratories, on stages, and beyond, to civic engagement, to opportunities for growth in extracurricular activities.

Stanley Mathabane

Stanley Mathabane ’17 was an accomplished jazz musician in high school. When he came to Princeton, he joined Triangle Club and decided to concentrate in psychology and earn a certificate in theater. Then Tony Award-winning professor Rob Kaplowitz turned him on to sound design, and now Stanley has combined his background in music with his love of theater to create a new score for his future.
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Jennifer Obligacion

PhD candidate Jennifer Obligacion discovered a passion for chemistry in high school and chose it as her major at the University of the Philippines. She came to Princeton for graduate study, and the chemistry has been good ever since. In Professor Paul Chirik’s lab, she’s developing catalysts for carbon–boron bond formation, research that will contribute to the synthesis of new medicines and tangibly improve human health.

Chance Fletcher '18

Chance Fletcher ’18, from Oologah, Oklahoma, is a citizen of the Cherokee nation. He took a “Great American College Road Trip” with his grandmother; when they reached Princeton, he knew he’d found his destination. As a sophomore, he hiked 900 miles of the Trail of Tears, then focused his junior independent research project on the forced removal of the Cherokee people from their ancestral lands. His journeys have taken him far from home, but closer to understanding his roots—and his dreams for the future.
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Kristin Sonday

Kristen Sonday ’09 felt a calling, as a first-generation Latina Princeton student, to provide opportunities and networks for others. Now she’s an entrepreneur who is focused on using technology to amplify access to justice to those who need it most. There’s an app for that, thanks to Kristen and her co-founder—it’s called Paladin, connecting attorneys with pro bono cases that match their skills and interests.

Mike Liao

Mike Liao ’17, who served five years in the Marines, knows a few things about security and the importance of being able to count on your team. Generous financial aid, coupled with the GI Bill, made it possible for him to study engineering at Princeton. He’s made the most of his experience, from a group project creating a self-driving robot to his senior thesis work on a system that secures online privacy.

Sarah Santucci

Sarah Santucci ’17 was raised in the rich farmland of the Mississippi Delta. Her concentration in molecular biology at Princeton comes naturally; she’s always been interested in what can grow in soil and water. After getting involved with the Princeton Garden Project her interests began to shift from the tenacity of orchid species to the community benefits of growing organic food. From sustenance to sustainability, Sarah is planting ideas that will lead to healthier lives.
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