Annual Giving: Making a Difference

Many elements contribute to the Princeton experience: a distinguished faculty, an exceptional and diverse student body, an unparalleled residential setting, and extraordinary library, laboratory, and computing resources. Annual Giving plays a critical role in each of these areas, which make a direct and immediate difference in the lives of current students.

Below, alumni reflect on why Princeton is important to them. They express the reasons behind their commitment to preserving for today's students the wonderful legacy of opportunity and experience that was made possible for all alumni by earlier generations.

Studying“Attending a school like Princeton was only a possibility because of the generosity of those who’d gone before me. I feel it is critically important that I do my part to make sure that kids like me have the opportunity to attend Princeton in the future. It changed my life.”

— Rachel Kaganoff Stern ’86

Reunions“Every year so many of my classmates come back to Princeton for Reunions and other important events; this has to be proof positive to members of later classes and even undergraduates that graduation, important as it is, will be more like a beginning than an end to their relationship with Old Nassau. There really isn’t any life without Princeton.”

— Sam Schreiner ’42

Commencement“The education, mentorship, socialization, and wide latitude I received to find my own way as a graduate student provided me with everything I needed for a successful career in academia, which took me to professorships at two universities before returning to Princeton, where I first studied as a graduate student.”

— Doug Massey *78, Henry G. Bryant Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs, and Director of the Office of Population Research

Study Abroad“The international opportunities available to me as an undergraduate set me on the path to live and work around the world. Today’s Princeton has become an even greater place due to increased global engagement: international partnerships with major institutions, new programs for students studying or performing service abroad, and enhanced support for international students on campus.”

— Alex Clavel ’95

Students“I’m continually impressed by Princeton’s unparalleled tradition of giving. In part, I think it stems from the unique combination of individuality and community that shapes the undergraduate experience. With such a wealth of academic, social, and extracurricular opportunities, Princeton enables us to chart our distinct paths through the University, but for each of us, it remains ‘the best old place of all.’”

— Ann-Marie Elvin ’12

Arts“At Princeton, my world view was dramatically expanded through many stimulating classes and enriching friendships. It was a place of inspiration and aspiration. In retrospect, I can appreciate how much my undergraduate experience exploring new ideas, developing new interests, and pursuing new passions prepared me for an unexpected journey from training in architecture and practicing corporate law to a career in the non-profit sector and rediscovering my creative energies as a visual artist.”

— Sara Sill ’73