Princeton is a Place Where Annual Giving Makes the Difference

Many elements contribute to the Princeton experience: a distinguished faculty, an exceptional and diverse student body, an unparalleled residential setting, and extraordinary library, laboratory, and computing resources. Annual Giving plays a critical role in each of these areas, which make a direct and immediate difference in the lives of current students.

Below, alumni reflect on why Princeton is important to them. They express the reasons behind their commitment to preserving for today's students the wonderful legacy of opportunity and experience that was made possible for all alumni by earlier generations.

“Broadly, our purpose is to advance the cause of the human race, to benefit mankind. We aim to accomplish this through the leverage of uncommon individuals and through the leverage of important ideas.”

— Philip H. Schaff, Jr. ’42, Acting Chairman, Trustee Committee on Student Life: an excerpt from the Report of the Subcommittee on Residential Life to the Board of Trustees, October 18, 1974

“Princeton has provided us with a noble heritage: a tradition of integrity and honorable dealing, a passion for excellence and … the ability to differ intellectually without disliking emotionally.”

— Bill Hudnut ’27: an excerpt from a letter to the editor, Princeton Alumni Weekly, October 5, 1983


“Annual Giving is about all of us together, the mighty and the modest, creating exceptional opportunities at Princeton.”

— Rajiv Vinnakota ’93, Annual Giving Chair, 2007-2009


“A Princeton education has given me a confidence in myself that I probably never would have had otherwise. I continue to meet undergraduates and recent graduates who convince me that Princeton is still ‘the best old place of all!’”

— Huntington “Bucky” Block ’46: an excerpt from a letter to a classmate on the occasion of ’46’s 50th Reunion campaign in 1995-96.

“What I love about Princeton is the feeling that there are no limits. Princeton teaches you that whatever you decide to do, it can be the best of the best.”

— Janet Morrison Clarke ’75, Annual Giving Chair, 1990-1992; Anniversary Campaign for Princeton Co-Chair, 1995-2000


“I believe that all of us here at Princeton and all of you alumni throughout the world share a common determination to have Princeton go forward, to have Princeton grow constantly greater.”

— President Harold W. Dodds *1914 upon launching Annual Giving in 1940