Princeton Scholarships: Making Dreams Come True

November 23rd, 2015 / Development Com...

Matthew Kritz ’18 wrote a heartfelt letter of thanks for his scholarship.

Matthew Kritz dreamed of coming to Princeton. He worked hard, got accepted, but worried that the expense might derail his dream. The University’s generous scholarship donors eliminated that concern. Kritz is a member of the Class of 2018, working toward a career in politics, education, or the clergy.

He is among the roughly 60 percent of undergraduates who are Princetonians thanks to financial aid, which is funded primarily by scholarship gifts. Each fall, students write heartfelt letters of gratitude to the alumni, parents, and friends of the University who have created the scholarships that brought them to Princeton.

The Other Story

“I will never know the other story,” Kritz wrote. “The story in which I don’t attend the school of my dreams, simply because my family can’t afford tuition. The story colored by missed opportunities, the story in which I don't learn from the finest professors and the most incredible of friends.”

Every year, promising young men and women like Kritz are well prepared to thrive at Princeton. Poised for lives of purpose, they have tirelessly pursued their studies and interests and, if given the chance, would use one of the finest educations in the world to realize their potential as educators, policy experts, public servants, artists, scientists, engineers, and business leaders. They just don’t have the money to pay for it. 

The donors who create scholarships ensure that any accepted student can say “Yes!” to their dream of a Princeton education and begin a journey that will transform their lives. 

“Thanks to you,” continued Matthew, “the willing and wide-hearted donors of the university, the only tale I have to tell is one in which I not only benefit from a four-year university experience comparable to no other, but one in which I finish my time at Princeton debt-free, giving me the chance to get my life started right after graduation.” 

Scholarships—which provide 95 percent of all financial aid funds—are at the heart of the University’s need-blind admission and “no-loan” policies. Because loans are not a required element of financial aid packages, most students graduate without the burden of debt.  

Getting Life Started

Princeton’s financial aid opens doors to students of all socioeconomic backgrounds, with different experiences and perspectives, enriching the Princeton community. Financial support allows students to focus on their studies, explore their talents, and experience all that Princeton has to offer.

“I will be able to focus on putting the skills I've gained in university into action to pursue a meaningful career,” wrote Kritz. “My story is yet unwritten, but you have made it possible, wherever it may take me, and for that I hope to express my immense gratitude.”

For information about how you can support scholarships at Princeton, contact Jim O’Boyle, associate director for leadership gifts, at 609.258.1782.