From its modest beginnings in 1746 as the College of New Jersey to its stature today as one of the world’s leading centers of teaching and research, Princeton University has always been a community of scholars and students committed to excellence. For more than 260 years, its programs have evolved as knowledge has grown, and its landscape has been altered to create classrooms, laboratories, libraries, athletic fields, and dormitories that meet the needs of new generations. It has attracted world-class faculty members who teach undergraduate and graduate students, and provided financial aid for students who might not otherwise be able to attend.

Princeton is constantly moving forward, thanks to the generous gifts of alumni, parents, and friends who hold its values close to their hearts. At this moment in Princeton's history, support is most needed for a carefully selected set of programs and projects.

Gifts to Annual Giving are always a priority -- these flexible funds go directly into the University’s operating budget and have an immediate impact on campus. Support for the arts helps to ensure that all undergraduates develop their creative abilities, skills that will serve them well in any field of endeavor. Funding for teaching and learning -- including professorships and scholarships -- is a perennial need at the center of Princeton's mission. Support for the University's many international initiatives ensures that students will develop a more global perspective, and that ideas will flow freely and productively across national borders. And gifts to create new facilities, or renovate and reimagine old ones, help ensure that students and faculty members have the classrooms, laboratories, and collaborative spaces they need to do their work.

Investments in these areas will allow Princeton to remain at the forefront of scholarship and innovation today and in the years to come.